Thursday, May 28, 2015

Good Morning Peeps!

I suppose I should start this blog by introducing myself. I'm probably the last person you would picture in your mind when you think of a dairy farmer's wife. I can't keep a plant alive if my life depended on it. I can't cook unless you count the ability to burn things. I'm not crafty. Pinterest is my nemesis. I spend most of my time in the city. I have a full time cube job that leaves me with plenty of time to think of serious life issues like bacon. I'm pro bacon. In the evenings when I'm not burning dinner I milk cows, feed adorable calves, throw around hay bales, and do what I can with at least one child strapped to me in some way. If you asked me to describe myself I would say I'm a hot mess running around in a million different directions. We own a small family run farm with about 150 head. This is everything from a newborn calf to a cow that has been milking for 8+ years. My husband is a 3rd generation farmer who hopes to pass this life onto one of our kids some day. I have 3 super adorable children (the preteen, little man, and peanut). At the time of this entry they are girl 11, boy almost 3, and boy 10 months. We may work from sun up to sun down and sometimes through the night but we love every exhausted minute of it. Sometimes we lose the ability to talk and begin to grunt at one another or just gesture with hand signals but I wouldn't change a thing. Instant potty training maybe... potty training on a tractor in the middle of a field has it's moments.